Web Design, Web and Email Hosting and WordPress Services

Technobabble provides web design services for small business. Our basic informational websites start at $750. Web hosting is $150 per year and domain registration is $14.99 annually. Email only hosting is $55 per year and domain registration is $14.99 annually

WordPress is a highly adaptable content management system, but like all technology sometimes it needs to be managed it self. We are professionals that are highly skilled in the use of WordPress as well as the underlying technologies and databases.

We can handle any scenario that arises; such as, including the white screen of death, database corruption, hacking attacks, updates and just the general health of the system.

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    Web Design

    $750 + For A Small Business Website

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    Web Hosting

    $150 Per Year

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    Email Only Hosting

    $55 per year (Advanced Email Hosting is $55 per year plus $5 per user)

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    Domain Registration

    $14.99 per year – $14.99 Domain Transfer

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    WordPress Recovery

    $200 – Restore system from back up, repair, database, white screen of death, non functional scenarios

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    Cleanup From Hacking Event

    $275 – System cleanup from hacking attack, tighten up security procedures

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    Basic WordPress Install and Setup

    $125 – Basic installation, theme and plugin setup

IT Services And Rates

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    Hourly Business Services

    $100 – Windows, Macintosh Services, Server and Network Services – Hard Drive and Memory Upgrades (plus parts)

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    Home Clients Hourly Services

    $85 – Macintosh & Windows System recoveries, upgrades, installations, cleanup, hardware upgrades (plus parts)

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    MacBook Pro or iMac SSD Upgrades

    $175 plus cost of SSD Replacement Drive

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    Hard Drive Wipe & Restore

    Hard drive wipe and restore: $175.00 (flat rate)

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    Standard Hard Drive Cleanup

    Standard Hard Drive Cleanup: $127.50 (flat rate)

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    Travel (over 10 miles): $35/hr.

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    Phone Consultation

    Phone consultation: standard home or business rate, billed in 15 minute increments.

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    Service Agreements & Contracts

    Contact For Pricing – Annual and Time Block Contracts Available

We provide an array of services to both business and home clients. While specializing in Apple Macintosh products, we also support Windows based clients and businesses. We specialize in IT support services for law firms including server and network management.

Below is a partial list of the services we offer.  If you have a need that is not listed, please contact us for a consultation.

  • Hardware Upgrades
  • System Recovery and Restore
  • Off Site Managed Backups
  • Cloud Storage Setup and Management
  • Secure Email Setup and Management
  • Server Setup and Management
  • New Computer Setup
  • Network Setup and Maintenance
  • Firewall Setup
  • iCloud Setup and Sync
  • Hard Drive Replacement

IT Services

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    Backup Services

In this day and age as more of lives, both personal and business, are digital it is more important than ever to have a good backup strategy for your home or business. Important documents, files, videos and photos can be lost forever in an instant. Protecting yourself from data loss is one of the most important things you can do. Backups should be stored offsite because as good as Apple Time Machine or external hard drive backups can be, a fire, flood, theft or other unforeseen circumstances can wipe out your primary storage and your backup drive.

A good offsite, encrypted backup solution can protect you from these types of losses. An offiste backup strategy can also mitigate your susceptibility to a Ransomware attack. If you have a good offsite, encrypted backup, you can tell a Ransomware hacker to go jump in a lake, because your files are easily recoverable.

Our managed backup services are $120 a year per machine and a one time setup charge of $85 (for up to 5 computers or servers, setup for additional devices are $10 per device)

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    Business IT & Network Services

Is your business struggling to keep your network current and running smoothly? Are you worried about losing data because your backup solution is outdated and inconsistent? Is your workforce able to connect and work remotely while keeping your business data secure? Are your company workstations riddled with viruses and slow internet connectivity issues?

Or worse – your current IT company is unresponsive or slow to respond, they don’t follow through on their commitments, things keep going wrong and they seem like they’re constantly chasing their tail dealing with technical problems.

Common Business IT Services We Provide

  • Computer Network Administrator and Network Technician
  • Computer Service and Hardware Repair
  • Onsite and Remote Computer Tech Support
  • Wireless Computer Networks
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Design and Implementation
  • Network Security
  • Remote Access
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Handheld devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Treo)
  • Desktop Faxing
  • Digital Connected Copiers
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Computer Telephony Integration

Knowing our team has been supporting the IT systems of businesses, banks and law firms since 1992 is a great comfort to our clients. We’ve been around the block a few times.

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Want to learn to send e-mail (with attachments), surf the web, use Microsoft Office, buy and sell on eBay, or use your digital camera? Let us know what you want to learn and we will teach you. We can provide one-on-one as well as classroom style training for a variety of computer and business technologies. One-on-one sessions can be in our office or at your location.

We also offer question-and-answer sessions in one-on-one or group formats.

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    Apple Upgrades, Services and Support

We provide a number of software and hardware services to individuals and businesses using Apple Mac hardware and software.

Some of the Mac services we offer:

  • SSD Hard Drive Upgrade – Make an older MacBook, MacBook Pro, or iMac run like a new machine with an Solid State Drive Upgrade
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Systems Optimization
  • OS X Server Setup and Support
  • FileMaker Support and Custom Database Solutions
  • OS X Support

Check out our rates for information on cost and services.

We are an Atlanta based local source for computer and technology consulting, training, and service. We serve small to medium size businesses and home based clients.

Technobabble provides IT support, backup services, security audits, hardware upgrades, network and WiFi services, Macintosh training, Macintosh upgrades, web design, and web hosting.  We serve a wide spectrum of clients from law firms. real estate, chefs, trucking companies and Georgia based film and television productions and other small businesses and home based clients.

We serve businesses in Atlanta, Senoia, Athens, Macon, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Newnan, Milledgeville, Augusta, Savannah, Greenville, Columbia and Charleston.
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